Thursday, 3 February 2011

focus, micro finance and things

2011 and a new post. 2010 the end part at least was rather intense and full of shifts and re-focusing. Taking on board comments on Donald Miller`s wonderful blog I am currently trying to take the small steps towards my distant big goals.My white board has a dedicated daily goals and monthly goals section, although its failure was pointed out to me by a friend who had noted that my daily goal didn`t seem to have change! I can happily cross off at least one thing today, small steps but a little progress.

Having read Yunis Mohammed`s inspiring book - Social Business bearing in mind recent micro finance scandals I was please to read this New York Times about consignment projects where the business end of things is inspired by an actual local need and will ultimately improve the lives of those who the seek to gain as customers. This seems to indicate that it is possible for social finance (style) businesses to suceed in practice.

I also discovered after re-reading Michael Ende`s book Momo, that he made a documentary with NHK and was a supporter of local currency and a fierce critic of the current economic system. I am still researching this and hope to update more...

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