Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hoarding, family, art and robots

I am fascinated by the notion of hoarding having connections with OCD. I wonder if creatives tend to hoard more given that we look at things imaginatively;

I can almost hear myself saying - No no its not JUST a piece of plastic its a whole new language. That said I did burn about 5 black bags of "stuff" this summer including

  • My toilet painting - representing my phobia of toilets with high cisterns (is it about them falling on me, who knows?!) 
  •  a particularly gothic looking wax hand mould which melted red until it looked like the stage of a theatre depicting the apocalypse.
  • All my negatives
  • old work manuals
  • drawings
Is it genetic? The desire to create safety through not letting things go?
I think it is interesting that in my family, our ancestors on both sides - CARVOSSO and LEECH were writers and archivers. My great grandfather (or great great? I forget) was the Mayor of Manchester and there is actually an archive online of the Leech family diaries which represent some useful insights for historians on Victorian England. 
Other writers include William Carvosso who was part of the Methodist revival. His son`s nephew Robert Rundle went to Canada, hung out with some Native Americans and got a mountain named after him - MOUNT RUNDLE. But only God can make a mountain melt like wax.

ANYWAY back to hoarding. artist Song Dong is currently exhibiting at MOMA (New York). The work is a display of his mothers` belongings and is particularly poignant as she recently passed away. A good piece of work always moves me.

On yet another tangent, I read this article about robots in Japan. Makes me think about people and objects, what are we looking for in our interactions? convenience, efficiency? The desire to hold onto things is not so different from the desire for things not to change, but this itself creates an external disorder. At the other extreme Japan is a land of order externally but an internal disorder as people struggle to fit in, work hard and be good. Perhaps the inside stuff is so challenging that outside has to compensate, but then maybe that`s the same for all of us.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Juana Molina

Just beautiful, comedy actress turned songstress but really lovely ;)

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Brilliant podcasts SOUND collages documentary for the ears ;) from RADIOLAB. Choice was a particularly interesting thing, choice angst, SOOOOOO much we could, can, might, have thw option to do. 

Oldie but a goodie

Edited and mostly created by TokyoArtbeat people this is a very nice guide, a well made and well designed book to help find your way (intellectually and physically) around the Tokyo Art Scene.