Friday, 2 July 2010

Just because

They do such great stuff. My newly purchased purple trousers somehow remind me of these pastels...

friends friends and an interview.

Adrian Favell: In the style of Morissy my first thoughts are - a  charming and intelligent man whose own nomadic lifestyle seems to mirror that of his sociological research subjects. Recently it has been the Japanese Contemporary Art Scene, artist, curator, student, random passer by alike, equally forming the transient network that constitutes the "scene".

Our interview here

Talking of which I have been contemplating friendship today. Is not "committing" to regular meet-ups a sign of a wiped out friendship? Reading So You Don`t Want to Go to Church Anymore makes me wonder about how much structure facilitates when basic care is not there. His argument is that people feel LOVE when they choose it freely, not when it is a duty, an obligation.

But if we don`t meet with others how can we build a friendship?. Of course many people, myself included can meet up with people we haven`t seen for years and still find a current connection, but is this something that we take for granted? When facebook friends are not necessarily people we meet with, what is real friendship?