Thursday, 5 July 2007

summer summer

New beach in Chiba - Onjuku is like fine light pastry to a greasy kebab. Located about 2 hours from Tokyo station and accesible by local trains. I januntily sat my way through the rickety ride to arrive in a place decorated by palm trees - a good start...Eventually locating the beach after a few inquiries in the local Supa i spent a blissful few hours sleeping on the white sand and frolicking butoh like in the water. 
No campjo but a lot more randomness...not only that but it is featured in a highly recommended jdrama - Hero. You can tell from the unusual statues of camels I met some lovely people who ended up driving me round.

In the meantime I can't paint. This is frustrating me as I am going to see numerous exhibitons and helping the children at school and I feel doused in color - throbbing reds, shy mauves, optimistic oranges I can feel them but when it comes to starting on my bird painting again I come to a complete panicky standtill.. I must just start, or rather stop avoiding, make a date, pick up that brush, I know I want to...