Sunday, 17 January 2010

curator magazine article

Here is my piece about craft, and the slow movement.

new year

The time for new year resolutions!
I wrote an article about keeping them last year and am trying to take my own advise!

Here is my list for 2010
1. finish projects.
for me this is
a. song with Equator, I wrote this 2 years ago and we are still recording
b. Book arts exhibition
c. exchange project
d. bible workbook for kids
e. my own kids book with illustrations by starry luna and to be translated into japanese

2. eat more healthily
less chocolate more greens

3. be more generous
with time/resources
for me this is connected to being aware of the many things that I am lucky to have. I think giving should always be joyful or else there is no point.

4. Write everyday
I have been doing some form of writing everyday whether a journal, notes, poems etc and I want this to continue.

staying focused is the key perhaps.